Tuesday, January 26, 2010

About the title

I was trying to be artistic as with the title, wanted to present myself very Indian using the word "only". I always wanted to know the etymology of the word "only" which i failed even on many searches but i strongly believe its birth place is India.I think Indian's are obsessive of the word and i guess they are possessive too, if i am not being over sarcastic we needn't surprise if any Indian go for a patent of the word. But these days i don't dislike the word like i did before. I've read an article (not recently) by Navtej sarna where the article was written countering the comments made by a writer on Indians. He concluded the article on saying"we are like this only",the columnist was identifying himself and the fellow Indians with the word. This impressed me though i hated when this word was misplaced in the statements. So i thought putting "only" can only make me an Indian columnist( blogger precisely).

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