Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where are we heading

Money, Human relations, Ethics and values, these things been running through my mind all these days. And I believe all these are related to each other. Quite many times I've seen these being an issue of debate, where people are desperate to fight rather speak to prove their word. These people, i think are more frantic towards projecting themselves as sages living between worldly people on giving hypothetical statements. It surprises me if these people are really what they speak and will they ever practice what they preach . Not only in debates are these people seen, i find quite "houseful" or "townfull" of people around me.
As I've been looking into the issue for quite a long time, i realized once again more profoundly that "we posses nothing on the death bed and can take nothing with us."

I wonder if these are the two stance which people can't understand, unfortunately, in their whole life time. And when want to comprehend, are left with nothing.
The first and foremost thing, money; why people worship money? a billion dollar question and the ambiguity still rises when asked among billion people, where we get a billion answers. I am not too stunned to say that no person would give a convincing answer and i am fair enough to accept that i too may give a bad answer. Here comes the idea behind this column where i want put the worst fact as what we are doing with our own lives giving the money much more significance ought not to.
I never understand why people choose money over relations. If you have a trillion and no single homo sapien around what exactly would you do with such money, this example may be an empirical one, but see, when you start choosing money over relations( or people) you shall be left only with money. Can any one in the world defy the statement.One thing we need to realize is whatever we do in our life is for our happiness and the wealth has nothing to do with happiness.

As i am putting these phrases here i can memorize words which are said to have told by Alexander the great,
"Bury my body, don't build any monument. Keep my hand outside, so that the world knows, who won the world had nothing in his hand when he died".
I request
the intelligent people out there not to question the legitimacy of these words, whatever it is the essence has to be grasped.

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  1. Nice start Boya. Looking forward to more posts.