Friday, January 11, 2013

People say me an idiot. I dont know if am and still i fill no offensive with such a statement. I want to do what i fell like doing and never do what i am not comfortable with. Will that make me an idiot , if so its ok. I repect my interests, my love, my inhibitions, whatever. If i did something wrong, moving along with all these, still i am happy with the stubborness i posses. I loved, still i do and i will forever at any cost. Loved ones may not be near, and moreover loving someone when they are in touch is not a big thing, loving even when they are not in touch is the true love. If doing this makes me an idiot, its still ok. I never expected anything in return from the loved ones and i will be so forever, i have been with myself for the past 25 years and i know what i am. I pretend to be indifferent and rude everytime, in real which i am not, i am sentimental at heart. And one thing always i hate myself calling sensitive, so said i am sentimental. I dont want people to understand what i am at heart.

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